TomFips Mattress Protector



These mattress protectors are unique in every way. They are not merely a potty training must-have but offer so much more than just that. Here are a few:

  • Place the mattress protector under your toddler and should there be an accident all you have to do is change your little one and remove the mattress protector.
  • An ill child who may accidently get sick, this will protect your linen.
  • Co-Sleeping and breastfeeding moms, this will protect your mattress and linen from those milk leaks and posseting.
  • These mattress protectors are also a great alternative to the linen saver. 
Size: Approx 85×60 cm
Fabric: The bottom is a waterproof layer, middle layer is a thick cotton and top layer is polar fleece is the stay dry layer for comfort.
Wash: Machine washable
Weight N/A
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