Super Soft Pads Bundle (Light/Regular Flow Set)


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A super comfy selection of 6 super soft LuLi&Co sanitary pads for light/regular flow at a super smart price! We love these pads because the softshell fleece backing helps the pad grip to your underwear. It’s the perfect set for teens or for girls/women who are new to cloth pads!

Please note that patterns may vary.

  • 4 x LuLi&Co Regular Ladycloth pads (24cm)

  • 2 x LuLi&Co Small Ladycloth pads (20cm)

LuLi&Co ladycloth pads are both effective and kind on your pocket, lasting years if well cared for.

    Lovingly handmade in South Africa with 100% soft cotton fleece, each pad has three layers of absorbency. These super comfy and trim pads clean easily, and have a softshell fleece backing which is both water resistant for breathability, and gives the pad a slightly textured backing which helps grip your underwear.

    Wash care Instructions:

    • Rinse
    • Treat stains with boerseep or laundry soap bar
    • Wash by hand/machine
    • Line dry
    • Ready to re-use!

    How many you need depends on how often you’ll be washing your cloth pads, as well as how often you’ll be changing your pads during the day. For someone washing daily, using about three or four per day, even a simple stash of about 10 should be sufficient.

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