OSFM Full-time Variety Bundle


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This full time variety bundle contains everything you’ll need for both day and night from 5-15Kg. This bundle has been put together to offer you different styles and brands of cloth nappies, ensuring you have a wide variety of options to choose from.

This bundle contains:


15 x Bam+Boo Pocket nappies (Inc 1 microfibre and 1 bamboo insert)

2x  Bam+Boo Sleeve nappies

2 x Bam+Boo All in One Nappies

1 x Mini Matters Snap Duo (includes 2 single Snap Duo inserts)

4 x Bam+Boo Hemp jersey flats (70cm x 70cm)

1 x Fancypants Hemp fitted (night nappy)

1 x Bam+Boo bamboo fitted (night nappy)

1 x Mini Matters Classic Cotton fitted (night nappy)

1 x Bam+Boo bamboo booster pack (3 pack)


2 x Mini Matters Soft Shell covers

1 x Fancypants Fleece cover

1 x Bam+Boo Single gusset cover


1 x Bam+Boo/Fancypants wetbag

2 x Snappi’s

1 x Mini Matters pail liner

1 x Bam+Boo disposable liners (roll of 100)

10 x Ladybird fleece liners

Brand Mixture
Absorbency Good- adjustable with boosters
Appearance Slim (flats) to average
Drying speed Quick (flats) to average
Change speed Flats- slower than pockets/sleeves
Ease of use Flats- fiddly but quick once learnt & pockets/sleeves- quick
Length Adjustable
Fastening Poppers or snappi (included)
Cover required Flats and fitteds-yes (included)
Day or night Both


Please note this is a gender neutral bundle and may take a week for delivery depending on stock availability. Please let us know if you would like pinks/purples in your bundle. We are more than happy to accommodate you to the best of our ability.







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