OSFM Full Time Budget Bundle


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This bundle is all you’ll need if you want to cloth nappy from 5-15Kg on a budget. Flat nappies are incredubly versatile, trim and super thirsty. You can experiment with different folds to achieve different fits as your baby grows. Flat nappies can also be pad folded and simply laid in the cover for a quick and easy change, especially nice for a wriggly baby. A pad folded flat can also act as a booster for those heavy wetters.

This bundle contains


24 x Bam+Boo Hemp jersey flats (70cm x70cm)

3 x Mini Matters Cotton boosters

1 x Bam+Boo bamboo boosters (3 pack)


3 x Mini Matters Soft Shell cover

5 x Bam+Boo single gusset cover


10 x Ladybird fleece liners

1 x Bam+Boo disposable liners (roll of 100)

5 x Snappi’s

1 x Bam+Boo/Fancypants wetbag

1 x Mini Matters Pail Liner


Brand Mixture
Absorbency Good- adjustable with boosters (included)
Appearance Slim
Drying speed Quick
Change speed Slow- but gets quicker with practise
Ease of use Flats- fiddly but quick once learnt
Length Adjustable with different folds
Fastening Snappi (included)
Cover required Yes (included)
Day or night Both

Please note this bundle is gender neutral and may take up to a week for delivery depending on our stock availability. Should you want pinks and purples in this bundle, please let us know. We will do our best to accommodate you.

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