Newborn MEGA Bundle


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The perfect full-time nappy selection of everything you need for newborn babies. The bundle comprises 36 nappies plus accessories (please note that print colours and patterns vary but are always unisex, however if you would like something specific, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you):


28 x Bam+Boo hemp jersey flats (50cm x 50cm)

4 x Mini Matters Classic Fitteds

4 x Bam+Boo/Fancypants All in Ones

1 x Bam+Boo Swim Nappy


2 x Mini Matters Soft Shell COvers

4 x Bam+Boo single gusset PUL (waterproof) covers

2 x Mini Matters mini PUL (waterproof) covers


4 x Mini Matters Cotton boosters

2 x Bam+Boo bamboo boosters (3 pack)

15 x Ladybird fleece liners

1 x Bam+Boo Disposable liner roll (100 liners/roll)

4 x Snappi fasteners

1 x Mini Matters Mesh pail liner

1 x Bam+Boo/Fancypants Wetbag



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