Newborn full-time bundle



This fantastic value kit contains everything you need for a newborn for the newborn stage. Flat nappies are wonderfully trim on a newborn and quick drying which is fantastic for a quick laundry turnaround. One fitted is included for additional variety. The kit contains:

  • 24 small Bam+Boo hemp square flats* (50 x 50cm, fits approximately 3 to 8kg, depending on fold)
  • 1 Mini Matters Classic fitted
  • 2 Bam+Boo waterproof covers* (newborn size 2 to 7kg)
  • 2 Mini Matters  MINI waterproof covers* (newborn up to approximately 8Kg)
  • 2 Mini Matters MINI softshell covers* (perfect for night time use)
  • 4 Snappis (for securing the nappies)
  • 3 Mini Matters  cotton newborn boosters
  • 3 Bam+Boo  bamboo booster pads
  • 1 roll of Bam+Boo disposable liners
  • 4 newborn fleece liners
  • 1 Bam+Boo/Fancypants wetbag*
  • 1 Mini Matters mesh pail liner

This kit is brilliant value and has everything you need for the newborn phase until baby is about 7/8kg. Try different folds to get the most wear out of your flats as baby gets bigger. After that you will need larger nappies and covers, but the great thing about this kit is that you can continue to use your flats as boosters when your baby is using the bigger nappies! Just pad fold them and you’re good to go! This bundle allows for changes every 3 hours and you will need to wash every second day.

*Wetbag, flats and cover colours/prints will vary. Please select boy, girl (includes pinks & purples) or gender neutral option.

NB. Dispatch of nappy kits may take up to seven working days depending on our stock levels.

Brand Mixture
Absorbency Good
Containment Good
Appearance Slim
Drying speed Quick
Change speed Slow to average
Ease of use Fiddly but soon learnt
Length Average
Fastening Snappi (cover fastening poppers and/or velcro)
Cover required? Yes, included
Day or night? Both

Gender neutral, Boy, Girl

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