Newborn Fleece Covers Bundle


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Five soft fleecey nappy covers for newborn babies. Please note that colours vary but are always unisex. 

  • 2 x LuLi&Co newborn fleece nappy covers (up to 5.5/6kg)
  • 2 x Pokkelokkie newborn fleece nappy covers with velcro fastening (up to 6.5/7kg)
  • 1 x LuLi&Co small fleece soaker (up to 5/6kg)

The super soft Pokkelokkie fleece cover for newborns fits from birth up to 6.5 or 7 kg. The velcro fastening makes for easy adjustability and the cover itself is double layer for extra bombproofness. The cover does not need to be changed every change, rotate two or three a day and wash only when needs be. This is what you need for nights and day time play!

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