Mini Matters Softshell Fleece Waterproof Cover


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The Mini Matters softshell waterproof cover with silky soft elastic casings is designed to fit babies 6 to 15 kg in size.

This cover is a good option for nighttime use as it offer breathability and silky soft elastics. It is designed for use in combination with a fitted night time nappy.

The softshell fleece waterproof cover has the following features:

  • “One size fits most” size
  • Silky soft, brushed leg elastic casings that won’t chafe or irritate baby’s skin
  • Double row snaps to adjust to your baby’s unique build
  • Soft, fleecy inner with a hidden breathable waterproof film, giving you the softness and breathability of a fleece cover but with full waterproof protection.

Made in South Africa.

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