Mini Matters Snap-In Cotton Soaker Insert


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The Mini Matters cotton Snap-In Soaker Insert can be used as an absorbent inner with the Mini Matters Snap-Duo nappy shells, or any nappy cover or pocket shell for that matter. And it’s made locally right here in SA too!

These inserts are made of 100% pure and thirsty cotton. The snake style (meaning it folds double) allows for quicker drying times and adjustability so you can fold it to your desired length. The insert is approximately 67 x 13 cm so folded in half it provides a complete inner for your nappy. If your baby is a heavy wetter and you need additional absorbency, you can always add another booster.

Please note: Your inserts may shrink a little after the first wash due to the nature of cotton fabric. They will become more absorbent the more you wash them, only reaching their full absorbency potential after about 8 to 10 washes.

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