Mini Matters SNAP-DUO All in Two Nappy


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The Mini Matters SNAP-DUO is a fantastic all-in-two birth-to-potty system that fits babies approximately 5 to 17kgs. Affordable, space-saving and versatile, this nappy is locally-made with exclusive prints and quality fabrics – it’s a real gem!

This nappy consists of a soft and breathable waterproof shell that can be wiped down) and an absorbent soaker insert that easily snaps inside. You only need one insert per change. The shell can be wiped down and re-used between changes (providing no poop gets on the cover) while only replacing the insert. We love how comfortable and gentle the soft and stretchy elastics are on baby’s skin!

We currently offer the SNAP-DUO nappy shell with three snap-in soaker inserts – which gives you three nappy changes! The trim-fitting shell can also be used as a waterproof cover over other daytime nappies such as flats and trim fitted nappies.

We will shortly also be offering soaker inserts that you can buy separately to top up your collection.

For a full-time daytime stash you will need about 6 shells and 20 inserts. For heavy wetters you may need to add additional inserts to increase absorbency.

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