Mini Matters MINI Cover (small/petite)

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The Mini Matters MINI waterproof cover features breathable, stretchy waterproof fabric and silky soft elastics. Designed with small and petite babies in mind, they can fit babies up to approximately 8kg.

They are roomy and stretchy to fit perfectly over both day and night time nappies. The covers close with a double row of snaps to increase their size adjustability to fit your baby perfectly. Wide elastic casings ensure a gentle, comfortable but snug fit to prevent leaks and blowouts.

The wipeable interior means that the cover does not need to be changed with every nappy change, making it an economical option for cloth nappying.

When purchasing a Sam the Hedgehog nappy, you are supporting a worthwhile cause. This cause just happens to be one very close the The Nappy Emporiums heart and as such with every purchase of this nappy we will donate a portion of our sale to this cause too! You can find out more about Sam the Hedgehog here

Wash covers with your other cloth nappies in a normal machine cycle. Do not wash at temperatures exceeding 40 degrees, do not tumble dry. The use of bleach and other chemicals can damage the waterproof layer. Line dry with laminated side out of direct sunlight.

Made in South Africa

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