Ladybird Value Complete Birth to Potty Nappy Kit

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This one-size pack is great value and contains everything you need from birth to potty from when baby is about 6 or 7 kg:

  • 24 Bam+Boo hemp jersey squares (70 x 70 cm, fits from 6 or 7 kg)
  • 4 Bam+Boo one-size popper fastening covers* (fits 5 to 17 kg)
  • 6 Bam+Boo bamboo boosters for night time
  • 3 Snappis (for securing the nappies)
  • 3 rolls Bam+Boo disposable liners

*Flats and covers colour/prints will vary but will always be unisex

NB. Dispatch of nappy kits may take up to seven working days depending on our stock levels.

Brand Bam+Boo Baby
Absorbency Good
Containment Good
Appearance Average to slim
Drying speed Very quick
Change speed Slow to average
Ease of use Fiddly but soon learnt
Length Average
Fastening Poppers
Cover required? Yes, included
Day or night? Both
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