Ladybird Fleece Liner Rainbow Roll

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Our gorgeously soft washable fleece liners are now available in a 6 pack fun Rainbow Roll of assorted bright colours or solid colours – choose from the available options.

Reusable fleece liners not only make dealing with pooey nappies much easier, they also create a staydry layer against baby’s bottom. These soft fleece liners work a lot better than disposable liners. First of all they cover the whole nappy and so poo is far less likely to come into contact with the nappy (disposable liners have a tendency of moving around). This helps reduce staining on the nappies, and fleece liners are so thick that if baby poos in a fresh nappy you can sometimes get away with simply replacing the fleece liner.

Since the polyester fleece is totally non-absorbent, urine wicks straight through into the nappy creating a staydry layer against baby’s bottom. This can be a real bonus with wet night nappies. Another reason we love fleece liners is that they are used from birth to potty which makes them very cost effective.

After nappy changing, drop the solids from a soiled liner into the toilet. Alternatively hold the liner in front of the toilet flush or leave the liner submerged in the loo for a few minutes which will help remove anything more stubborn. Wash your fleece liners along with your nappies. They are very quick to dry.

Made in South Africa. Colours may vary.

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