Fancypants Bamboo Booster


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The Fancypants Bamboo Booster pad is ultra-absorbent, with three layers of 70% bamboo/30% cotton fleece material. The blend of bamboo and cotton makes these boosters extra soft and comfy on your baby’s delicate skin.

We particularly like these boosters because they are a little bit smaller than most inserts, which makes them perfect for a newborn, or for larger babies for adding underneath the inserts in an all-in-one nappy, or for a little extra protection in your regular night nappy or pocket nappy. Either lay it flat along the length of the nappy, or fold it over to target absorbency at the front for a boy or between the legs for a girl.

Measures 12 x 26 cm. Needs up to 10 washes before it reaches full absorbency. Can be tumble dried on a low heat.

Absorbency High
Speed of absorbency Average to fast
Bulkiness Slim
Drying speed Average to slow
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