Fancypants All In One Nappy

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Fancypants birth to potty all-in-one nappies are very easy to use. With a fully adjustable waist and leg snaps it fits from approximately 3.5 to 17 kg.

The inserts are sewn into the nappy so there’s nothing to separate or fold or stuff. Simply wash and reuse. This nappy includes two sewn-in inserts (30 x 13 cm). Each insert contains three layers of soft, ultra-absorbent materials. One insert has three layers of bamboo/cotton fleece, the other insert has two layers of bamboo/cotton fleece and is topped with suede cloth to keep baby’s bottom dry. The outer shell is fully waterproof and the entire inside of the nappy is lined with suede cloth to ensure only soft material touches baby’s delicate skin and the nappy dries quickly.

Brand Fancypants
Absorbency Good
Containment Average
Appearance Fairly slim
Drying speed Average to quick
Change speed Quick
Ease of use Easy
Length Short
Fastening Poppers
Cover required? No
Day or night? Day
Made in China
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