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Hemp boosters are generally considered the most absorbent especially since they ‘hold’ moisture well when squeezed. Hemp boosters are very useful for nights and for when baby gets a little older and output increases. Either lay it flat along the length of the nappy, or fold it over to target absorbency at the front for a boy or between the legs for a girl.

Sold individually. Measures 12 x 27 cm. Needs up to 8 washes before it reaches full absorbency. Can be tumble dried on a low heat (can help to soften the fabric after washing).

Hemp is the most absorbent type of booster (and slightly less bulky than bamboo) which makes it a popular choice. However while it has a high capacity it does not absorb as quickly as other boosters. With this in mind, to prevent leaks always place the hemp booster furthest from baby’s bottom so that a faster absorbing microfibre/bamboo/cotton insert acts a first line of defence to quickly absorb the liquid, with the hemp booster behind it to provide the high absorbent capacity.

Absorbency Very high
Speed of absorbency Slow
Bulkiness Slim
Drying speed Slow
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