Bamboozle Stretch


This award-winning two-part night nappy system can easy-peasy last the whole night. It is gloriously soft and I can only imaging it to be super comfortable against baby’s skin. The slim fit and stretchy fabric offer a perfect fit, every time. This nappy requires a waterproof cover to keep the wetness in. We recommend the TotsBots Peanut wrap for an award winning performance. We recommend 1 Peanut Wrap for 5 Bamboozle Stretch Nappies.

Size 1:  2.5Kg- 8Kg holds up to 575ml

Size 2: 4-15Kg holds up to 715ml

  • Handmade in Scotland #notmadeinchina
  • Oeko-Tex 100-certified means no harmful chemicals next to baby’s skin
  • Pair with our Peanut Wrap which you can reuse 3-5 times before washing.

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Brand TotsBots
Absorbency Excellent
Appearance Average
Drying speed Fair
Change speed Fair
Ease of use Easy
Length Adjustable
Fastening Poppers and hook & loop
Cover required Yes
Day or night Night



Natural, Hedgehug, Squiddle


Size 1, Size 2

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