Bam+Boo Sleeve Nappy



This one-size-fits-all (5 to 17+ kg) sleeve nappy is a brilliant daytime nappy and is especially good for childcare. Double leg elastics at the gusset offer extra poop containment!

Four rows of rise snaps in the front allow for small, medium, large and extra large sizing. This nappy comes with either velcro or popper fastening at the waist. The two absorbent inserts, which contain two layers of microfibre encased inside two layers of bamboo, snap together and are snapped into the nappy’s waterproof cover. Inside the nappy there is a stay-dry material sleeve, much like a pocket nappy but with an opening at both ends. You can either slide the inserts into the stay-dry sleeve, or leave them on top if you want natural fibres against baby’s bottom.

When snapped together this type of nappy somewhat resembles an all-in-one nappy, but because the two inserts can be snapped out during washing this helps it to dry faster.

Brand Bam+Boo Baby
Absorbency Good
Containment Good
Appearance Fairly slim
Drying speed Average
Change speed Quick
Ease of use Easy
Length Average
Fastening Poppers / Velcro
Cover required? No
Day or night? Day
Made in China
Weight N/A
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