Bam+Boo Hemp Jersey Flat (70 x 70 cm)


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Hemp jersey flat fabric (70 x 70 cm, larger size) is folded and used as absorbent layers in cloth nappies. This works really well as a trim and absorbent birth to potty nappy (7 kg+) and is quick drying too which is fantastic for a quick laundry turnaround.

Hemp jersey is a very thin, lightweight, absorbent fabric. Fit around baby and fasten with a Snappi or Boingo (sold separately). You will need to use a waterproof cover over the folded hemp jersey nappy. For full time use you would need about 24 flats and five one-size covers.

The great thing about flats is that they can also be pad folded and used as boosters to increase any nappy’s absorbency. For night time use you can either use a booster with the flats, or alternatively you can use two flats layered together to achieve the absorbency required at night.

Hemp jersey is absorbent and stretchy but may misshapen slightly and stiffen when drying. You may wish to briefly tumble dry on a low heat to soften the flats up, or alternatively you can rub the fabric together in your hands.

Please note: These gorgeous flats are prepped and dyed in small batches. As such there may be colour variances in comparison to depicted.



Brand Bam+Boo Baby
Absorbency Very good
Containment Good (with a cover)
Appearance Slim
Drying speed Quick
Change speed Average
Ease of use Easy with a little practice
Length Average
Fastening Snappi, sold separately
Cover required? Yes
Day or night? Night and day
Weight N/A
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