Bam+Boo All in One Nappy



This one-size-fits-all (5 to 17+ kg) all-in-one nappy is a brilliant daytime nappy and is especially good for childcare. If you’re looking for a super trim nappy, you have found it!

Four rows of rise snaps in the front allow for small, medium, large and extra large sizing. The absorbent inserts are sewn in to the waterproof cover. Each nappy comes with two inserts, each containing two layers of bamboo wrapped around one layer of  microfibre. Because the two inserts are sewn into the waterproof cover this allows the inserts to flap open when drying. This feature makes this all-in-one nappy fast drying.

Brand Bam+Boo Baby
Absorbency Average
Containment Average
Appearance Fairly slim
Drying speed Average to quick
Change speed Quick
Ease of use Easy
Length Average
Fastening Poppers
Cover required? No
Day or night? Day
Weight N/A
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