Our Green Packaging Policy

We are passionate about being as environmentally friendly as possible by reducing single-use plastic and unnecessary packaging. We expect that you feel the same way, since you’re shopping for reusable nappies which are the most eco friendly option by far!

We try our best to minimise the impact of our packaging in the following ways:

  • Where possible we try to avoid the use of unnecessary packaging. We do however want your items to arrive with you in good condition, so we try to ensure that anything fragile or which might leak is well packaged.
  • Where packaging is needed, your items will be tied with biodegradable raffia and enclosed in a recyclable paper bag.
  • Where possible we try to recycle packaging that is in good condition, such as cardboard boxes and bubble wrap.
  • Most smaller online deliveries are sent inside a plastic flyer bag. We are hoping to find an alternative to this, but in the meantime we do try to re-use flyer bags if they are in good condition. You may also wish to open your flyer bag by cutting it open along the top and giving it a second life as a bin liner.

We also strive to be a green business by:

  • Recycling as much of our waste as possible.
  • Expanding the number of products sourced from local manufacturers where we can, in order to offer you options that carry lower transport emissions.
  • Ordering stock in as large quantities as possible, to minimise the packaging that we receive and to transport emissions.

At the shop:

  • You are welcome to bring your own bag for your shopping. Alternatively we can offer you an unbleached paper bag.
  • At the shop our products are displayed with minimal packaging.
  • Where product labels are used (by us), we try to keep these small and made from paper rather than plastic.
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