About Us

We are passionate about little people and simple parenting. Life is challenging enough without adding anything more complicated into the mix. The world of cloth nappies can be intimidating which is exactly what we don’t want! Our mission is to make your cloth journey a simple and easy one. So, leave the acronyms at the door, say goodbye to the lingo that’s causing you to feel overwhelmed and let’s break it down to make it an enjoyable cloth journey.

We understand that one of the drawbacks of cloth nappies is the cost of postage, especially if you want to try out a few different brands. This is why we offer you a variety of top quality local and international brands under one roof. This enables you to add many brands to your nappy stash without the additional postage costs. Another drawback of modern cloth nappies- is just that- they’re modern and not at all like the old school terry toweling nappies some of us grew up in. So what are they exactly? How do they work? What do they feel like? Oh, so many questions! Let’s be honest, online shopping can be difficult at the best of times but online shopping for something you’ve never seen or touched before is downright insane! For this reason, we offer in-person shopping, by appointment. We will happily take you through all the different types of brands and styles of nappies and you can see, touch and feel these beauties for yourself. Need a demo of how these nappies work to see if they’re right for you? Come visit. Let’s chat over a cup of coffee where we can share our love of cloth in a simple and easy way.

We are based in Edenvale, Johannesburg. However, if you are too far for an in person shopping experience or demo but want to chat to someone, we’re also happy to schedule an online call where we can still take you through all the different brands and styles. Feel free to pop us a line and lets set up a cloth date.


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